A Sign of Time


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Chris Norman
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Chris Norman Hard to pick a favourite track...this is an epic. Also hard to categorise! Aggression and sensitivity perfectly complementing each other. Favorite track: A Perfect Sky of Black.
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released February 15, 2013



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MAUDLIN Oostende, Belgium

MAUDLIN is psychedelic rock reinvented. Your soul will be crushed by rawness & deep emotions baptised in a hallucinatory pool of higher spheres. MAUDLIN is a rearing beast that shows its true power, intensity is a keyword in their albums 'Solitary Echo' and 'Ionesco'. They toured Europe 3 times and at this moment the fans are looking forward to the release of their third album, February 15th. ... more

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Track Name: She Whispers Treason
She Whispers Treason

Mist wraps in
Moves my sight
She whispers treason
and pulls this guilt out of me

Wander around
trees and green
grey and fog
A dying breed

The sky is full of odors
The view is flourishing
Trees are hiding their silver eyes
And all I hear is repeating

Consume me with your kiss
Who’s melody lays hidden

Like crystals at the bottom
Of stream before dawn

Your breath of lust
To true to be good
My tragedy: a sign of time

I free your mind, and let you steal mine
So my frozen memories gleam

I free your mind
I’ll let you steal mine
Gleaming amidst the blackness of loss
Track Name: Lilith

Black snowstorm hails
from the roaring sea
Agony brings salvation
whom will burst and break

Monstrous mountain peaks
wear the crown of my wrath
Crumble at my feet
and bow for your queen

I beg all day
pass me by
I have nothing

While you're lost and sad
I will break all that's left.
Hold on to the last
dying tree.

Chunks of ice and crystal frozen air
crashed down and leaving marks everywhere
Trees bending halfway down to the land
You crushed all hope and dreams, dreams that I have planned

Save me
I fall from glory
These snakes on my shoulder mangle with every old tree
And guide me to the ground
Track Name: A Perfect Sky of Black
A Perfect Sky of Black

Could it be that rest found me?
There’s magic lightning in my fingertips
She’s kissing the sky and than just me
with her sweet pomegranate lips
A sudden nightingale chants out
An overwhelming happy song
In a garden of strange delights
Where butterflies sing along

A summers breeze.
Breath it in and hold it close
A killing moon
Cuts a hole into a perfect sky of black
I see myself
Your soul reflects me from within
I scar my mind
Come let us both fall from sin

Suddenly all shifts backwards
And a gelid blast of arctic air cuts through
butterflies freeze and stop their song
All ground bursts and out comes (the) ruler of sin

In the darkness of it’s hearth
She felt protected by the earth.
That’s why she crawls back in
Together with the ruler of Sin.

I face an ancient agony
Realize I'll never be free
one passion dies
my hope gets quenched
one fair love fled
With the voice of all regret
Track Name: Ride the Second Wave
Ride the Second Wave

Only a million of you can shed what lays on me
It ebbs the rhythmic sweep it is
Only a billion times a billion or two
can drown what keeps me awake

Oh, it makes me wonder
Free falls the darkness like a suit that hides my scars
And oh, it makes me wonder
can you free me and harvest the pain that' s causing this?

Your rhythmic sweep of steaming crests, it ignores me
It's rolling on, your rolling on
All sisters join in for the game that will end dead
Their silver curtain covers all

Oh, it makes me wonder
Free falls the darkness like a wave that hides my sin
Oh, it makes me wonder
Take me down, it's where we belong

Right now, I ride the second wave
The memories I've had, they all blurred the dream
As the wind dies, the silenceness she grows
ponderous and bold, like none I've never seen
Track Name: Goddess of the Flame
Goddess of the Flame

I won't hold
I can't caress
although you might be this perfect goddess of the flame

I can't feel your
glowing streams
as if they come out of the barysphere

As your warm glow is dripping off your skin
I just walk
Will I get burnt?
I hardly care
Bright stars die
into the useless night of my eyes

Eyes that you love
Eyes that you love to burn
Eyes that you love to burn because of the holes they see
Track Name: Chasing Shades
Chasing Shades

The world is my nameless vessel
and they say an unnamed vessel is cursed
My curse is that I touched perfection
too good to be true
my gorgeous tragedy
Abruptly I have torn myself away from her
still cursing that very moment
And the sky, she weighs on me
She waits for me
as the thick air trembles

I am chasing the shades
since firebirds are no more
I am the son of ten, so don't deny me

Unbearable heat
I am fire to be lit
I am the son of ten, so don't deny me

and now they need
to extinguish me
I am the son of ten, so don't deny me

You know what they say about hope:
it's denial of reality
I am the son of ten, so don't deny me

How often does my brimstone self
keep cursing you and me
I am the son of ten, so don't deny me.

I am chasing the firebirds
since shades are no more
My father burns the flame of ten, you can't deny me

Rising halo, burn me now
Scrape my sky
Whipe away all that I left behind

Tear me open, shred my skin
Let me be
One of ten sons, burn me now

The eyes I've seen
will never be the same
A world beyond my
my lobotized brain
Leave me drowning
in this vivid flame
The faith I'm given
always was the same